Naval expeditions

FCL = full container = Dry e Refeer
LCL = Groupage
Break Bulk
Our company makes use of established relationships over the years with the major shipping companies in the world. This allows us to offer our customers wing rates and preferential freight for Import and Export shipments.

Air shipments

We offer direct and consolidated air shipments both in Import and Export.
Our company makes use of relationships with major airlines.

Overland transport

We offer road transport for full loads and groupage freight containers = tilts trucks trucks sheeted = special loads and out of gauge.


Customs services are the core business of our company. Pierce direct customs assistance with our highly qualified staff, customs export, import, transit, customs consultancy, Community transit, deferred customs duties and VAT warehouses.


Our company has covered deposits for storage and storage of goods, and large open areas for loading and unloading of containers and vehicles. Our company has highly qualified personnel, mechanical equipment and cutting-edge media and may provide distribution and delivery of goods.